Monday, September 12, 2011

Splash into Watermelon for glowing beauty

Summer is here and sun is shining with all its fury and might and I am sure your fridge is loaded with the fresh and chill cubes of watermelonWatermelon in summers is totally irresistible, its juicy sensation when tickles our taste buds, gives a feeling of freshness and zest!
You all must be aware of enormous health benefits, this water-filled rosy fruit has, but this summer let’s dive into its fruity sensation and give our skin some yummy treats. This green-colored hard ball has got an entire skin glowing beauty package hidden inside it, all you have to do is to read on to discover the amazing skin care beauty tips that watermelon offers.
For a soft and supple skin, take a cup of watermelonpulp and apply on face and neck, rinse face and neck after 15 minutes and enjoy a cool, clean and youthful look this summer.
If you are a university or college student, and your skin is exposed to sun almost daily, then you definitely need somewatermelon beauty tip to fade away sunburns and suntans. For this prepare a watermelon and cucumber face pack by mixing equal proportions of watermelon and cucumber pulp and leave it on your face for twenty minutes. This face pack amazingly heals the sun burns and lightens the complexion.
These May days are hard for skin because of the heat and dust, which makes our skin look dull and dark. But if you can just take 1 cube of watermelon juice and rub it all over your face, trust me your face will be fresh as an early morning flower in no time.
Last but not the least; treat your skin with some healthy watermelon scrub to make it glow young and beautiful in harsh summer days. For this squeeze out the juice from grated watermelon and mix a pinch of gram flour in it. Apply the paste on the face and leave it for fifteen minutes for a healthy glowing skin.

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