Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to Take an Aromatherapy Spa

Aromatherapy is becoming very common in salons and spas and is a great way of staying healthy in the most natural manner; however, we can do aromatherapy at our homes and that too, very easily.
Those of you who are not familiar with the term aromatherapy, well it is the use of natural and soothing oils and their massage on our bodies to create the most amazing and relaxing affect which in turn relaxes our muscles.
Aromatherapy is one of the perfect home spa ideas and you do not have to go to a salon or a spa to get your aromatherapy done as the home spa ideas will let you easily create your very own home spa and you will relax through aromatherapy in it. The home spa ideas are mentioned here in this article which will make it easier for you to create the perfect ambiance for aromatherapy in your home spa.
We often talk about home spa, but the home spa ideas in terms of aromatherapy are something very unique and whoever gets it done, really attains relaxation and pleasure. It is very important for our body muscles to relax and the feel of massage through aromatherapy at your home spa is the key to have peace and pleasure inside your body through home spa ideas.
The main idea of the aromatherapy through home spa is to give your muscles a relaxed feel and in order to do that, the essential oils for aromatherapy are applied which in turn help you boost your physical fitness and it also helps in the psychological health.
The home spa ideas of aromatherapy through home spa actually help you develop a resistance against a number of diseases and your body gets strong enough to fight against the illness. The basic two ways of aromatherapy in home are to apply the heated oils directly on your skin and massage them gently, or inhale the oils mixed in water for aromatherapy through home spa.
These two are the main home spa ideas for aromatherapy at home. If the oils are massaged in the right way, your blood circulation increases and that is a very healthy sign. All you need to do is to get a grab on the best available oils in the market and experiment with them first. It is like a hit and trial method and practice will make you perfect in these home spa ideas for aromatherapy in your home spa.
The usage of oils in aromatherapy in your home spa can be done differently and you can mix different oils of your choice together to increase the soothing effect. This is not necessary and you can always apply the essential oils for your home spa ideas individually. The whole idea is to create a good atmosphere for your home spa and relax and pamper yourself.

Summer Nail Craze is the New Fashion Excitement

Summer is all about being bold and beautiful. When you wear prints and add colours to absolutely everything you wear then why not paint your nails with bright colours. Summer nail trends will be about going absolutely crazy for different colours. The summer nail fashion is all about learning how to paint them tactfully that the nails look different yet interesting.

Yes! This summer all of us get a fair chance to paint our nails with crazy colours and make crazy nail arts on our nails. Have any one of you tried a nail art after looking at a YouTube tutorial? If you haven’t then  I would suggest that summer nail trends is all about the nail craze and one of the way you can learn to go crazy with colours on the nails.

Summer time definitely means to wear brighter nail colours which include all the corals, hot pinks and even sparkly blues or purples without looking like the crazy nail lady.  Even if you want the nails to be of only one colour then let your summer nail craze show in that one colour so that each one of us make the most of the shining sun during the summer.

Every one of us wants the trendy nails, bright colours with light coloured dresses, and yes during the summers white in the new black, so paint the nails white, absolutely white, even the grey would do the job so that when you wear a nice black coloured dress for an evening hang out, the nails will go with the formal look.

And yes if you plan to go to a beach this summer make sure you look for your flip flops and paint your nails with a nice blue colour so the summer nail fashion keeps your summers exciting with the nail craze you have within you. Make sure whatever colour you paint your nails with goes with the complete look of the outfit you are wearing. Summer prints, colours, materials and the nail craze and the summer nail fashion keeps the season more exciting.

Best Foods For Your Skin

t’s time to say goodbye to the Botox and all those painful procedures to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Our guide will give a detailed list of the healthy skin foods that can make you stay young forever.
Healthy skin is formed by having healthy skin foods. A balanced diet containing all kinds of healthy foods consists of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, calcium, iron, vitamins and fats in an appropriate proportion.
We will begin with the dairy healthy foods for skin which includes; fresh milk, soy or goat milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese to name a few. You can use healthy and tasty recipes including these dairy products to keep your skin fresh, glowing and wrinkle free.
We all should admit that we love snacks and sometimes just can’t resist them. Snacks therefore can be hazardous or at times be helpful for our skin. However, you can go for healthy snacks the next time you crave for junk. It includes foods such as strawberries, sunflower seeds, blueberries and blackberries.
Strawberries are known to keep the cell structure protected of the sunflower seeds contain high amount of healthy oil thus another source of fresh vitamin E for the healthy skin. Blueberries are famous for their anti-aging process and the skin gets wrinkles at a later stage. Blackberries provide dietary fibre to the skin and help you retain the water content to maintain a healthy skin throughout the body.
If you have a habit of taking food to office, try to include a few nuts to that lunchbox by using their skin and by saving the nutrients. Flax seeds are healthy skin food known to fight diabetes. The Brazil nuts are a wonderful source of skin due to their rich content of Vitamin A and E.  Thus, they are good and healthy skin food for your body.
What could be better than including fruits as your healthy skin foods. Plums and prunes help in clearing the radicals in the skin and body. Mangoes are the best healthy foods for skin and eyes. Oranges help in healing the skin wounds quickly and avocado is a source of Vitamin K necessary to reach skin in a healthy form. Not to forget any vegetables along with fruits in the list of healthy skin food.
Lastly, remember to consume plenty of water. Since our body is made up of 70% of water, we require water to maintain that balance and keep the skin fresh and healthy.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bright Lips and Dramatic Eyes

Summer will be humid and hot. Summer of 2012 will be no different than any previous summers so the best way to stay beautiful during the summers will be to apply the makeup that looks natural and enhances the right features on your face.
The summer makeup includes the makeup ideas that focus on the eyeliner application. The dramatic effects that eyes with makeup can give your features are absolutely amazing. So this summer the summer makeup ideas are about bright lips and nice eye liner applied to the eyes.
The most amazing and the appropriate makeup idea for all the working women and the students would be to keep everything light, but if they want to add up some spice and dramatic effect to the makeup then they can put up a bright color to the lips and make the eyes.  
With all those floral prints and the colorful clothes the lip colors have to be from the family of pinks, reds, and corals. The makeup idea of being fashioned with nice inventive colors of the lipsticks will give you a fresh look.
You have the choice of eye makeup ideas with the bright lips; that you either apply the eye liner in a way that from the outer corner of the eye the liner goes all the way up, or just go for a nude eye look. The nude eye look with bright lips and the wet look hair are the absolutely the most amazing summer look for the year 2012.
Blusher is the most important part of the summer makeup tips and ideas. All the girls no matter how much time they get to apply makeup before they leave home for college, university or work, they should have the right amount of blush on their cheeks.  See what colour; pink or peach suits your complexion uses it for the daily use. Don’t look pale or dull during the summers.

Sensuous Look with Sarees

It’s the perception that Saree wear is an Indian & Bengali women wear but recently in Fashion industry in Pakistan have introduced very sound and sensuous styles in sarees which is getting success in overall market. Pakistani Fashion shows are full of sarees wearing by stunning models on ram walks.

Saree is one of the most attractive dress wear popular in Pakistan, India & Bangladesh. In current fashion styles Pakistani women love to wear sarees in parties, ceremonies etc. Pakistani designers have designed the sarees from tradional to modern look with versatility.
For get together parties sarees in chiffon and georgette are getting popularity in latest 2012 trends. However Pakistani designers are giving sensuous styles of sarees tops and Saree itself. Like Zardozi work on georgette enhance the attractiveness. One of the most important benefits of georgette and net sarees is, it gives slimmer and smarter look to wearer.
The latest trends for wedding ceremonies for Pakistani women are Lehnga Style Saree. Lehnga sarees give flow in net and georgette stuff with Zardozi and stones work. However bold colors and floral borders make it more beautiful. Silk sarees are ever time inn trend. But mostly Pakistani designers give the simple style to silk sarees. In 2012 latest trends of sarees also add the styles of Chikankari with different contrast of colors.
Whatever the dress is, its actual beauty is depended how the wearer carry. Different styles of sarees are different in wearing too. Lehnga style sarees are quite simple & easy in wearing rather than the simple sarees.
Our Pakistani designers had made easier to wear readymade sarees which are come with hooks. The bold color combinations with stylish pleats with short and long blouses are also part of latest 2012 sarees trend. Fish style Saree can be the part of wedding wear with special embroidery. Fish style sarees bit tight from hips and pleats normally start from upper side of knee. These sarees should be drape from upper side of waist.
No doubt Saree blouses and front pallu is actual beauty of Saree. In Pakistani dresses these days’ blouses with chooridaar sleeves are part of latest Saree trend. Whereas it’s not necessary that we must have embroidery on saree’s pallu, Pakistani designers have designed the sensuous styles of sarees with different styles of laces, velvet feetas, and simple feetas.
So don’t hesitate to wear the latest sensuous styles of sarees on wedding ceremonies and parties.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Summer Makeup Trends

Every season comes with its own baggage and a series of different trends may it be clothes, shoes, accessories or makeup. Winters must be celebrated with darker tones of lip colors and makeup that will suit the darker shades of colors worn in clothing. Spring is in the air and a lot of outdoor lunches and brunches are taking place because the weather is simply lovely for an outdoor day bathing in the sun all dressed up.
This is the perfect season for having coffee parties in your garden, family brunches or lunches with friends. The colors worn these days are also going lighter because people have worn enough layers and darker shades and now they want a change. The colors worn in spring are lighter and floral to match it with the weather so in that case the makeup also needs to be lighter and should give a touch of spring and summer.
The key to spring and summer makeup trends is to merge the vintage style with the modern style. This is the biggest makeup tip for this year because all around the makeup is going on in the same way. Rouge lisp colors are very in and especially red. Red seems to be in fashion whereas lip color is concerned a lot of people are now becoming brave enough to wear red and it looks great. You just need to know what the perfect red for your skin tone. Colorful makeup is also in fashion these days so you can go crazy with the eye colors and nail colors.
Mascara should be changed after every three months so it is the perfect time to change it with the new season. Sheer pastels colors are in fashion. A little bit of bronzer will look lovely on the cheeks. Neutral shades can also be used in the spring and summer makeup trend. Spring makeup is simply lovely to carry with light color dresses.

Tips and Ingredients For Homemade Nail Care

Nails are one of the most important thing about your appearance, healthy and maintained nails tell how groomed you are. So it is important to have a hand with healthy nails, fortunately it doesn’t take too much energy to maintain the nails.
One of the most effective soak for brittle nails that can be made at home for nail care is the sea salt soak for homemade nail care; this soak can be made with the following ingredients;
  • Fine grain sea salt
  • Lemon essential oil or some lemon juice
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Myrrh essential oil
  • Wheat germ oil
All you have to do is that you add these oils 2 drops each in a two table spoon fine grain sea salt and add it into warm water. Then soak your nails into it for 10-15 minutes and see the magic. See how your nails will be bold and beautiful to go with your look. Don’t forget to apply hand cream after this.
Another homemade nail care tips is the treatment and nail care for dry and splitting nails. Olive oil is readily available in all the houses, so all you have to do is that you slightly heat the oil add some drops of lemon juice. Soak hands and nails for ten minutes and see how the nail care tip effects. Put on a pair of gloves after the hot oil treatment and leave them for 20 minutes or overnight for best nail care results.
The idea behind all the homemade nail care tips is to nourish the nails well so that the nails are strengthened. Another homemade nail care tip for the nourished nails and cuticles is the vitamin E oil. This homemade nail care tip is easy, just squeeze the capsule of vitamin E oil and apply to your nails , massage in to help increase the circulation to the nail bed.
It doesn’t take too much energy or time for nail care efforts. All you have to do is to just know the homemade nail care tips and the ingredients for the homemade nail care and just apply them on nails.

How to be fair in Summer

During the winters we tend to like the sun due to the cold, we enjoy the bright sun rays but we forget that they are as harmful for the skin as they are during the summers. Sun blocks are suggested highly even during the winters. Every lady desires to have fair skin and that too flawless. Skin fairness tips are always wanted by every lady, what the ladies desire is a fair skin with even skin tone, to fulfil this desire some of the skin fairness tips and home remedies that are highly suggested are listed below;
  • One of the magic ingredient a lot of advertisements talk about sandalwood oil which can help remove pimples, red blotches and the effects of sun exposure and sun burn, it even removes rashes and lightens freckles. The idea is to get a fair skin as well as a good skin complexion.
  • No matter what quantity of almonds you have every day, the idea is to grind some almonds into rosewater and apply the paste on your skin, this will make the skin smooth and fair. This combination of almonds and rosewater make the skin look absolutely fresh and stunning.
  • Yet another home remedy that every one of you can try easily would be the combination of egg white with honey and lemon juice. Many of you might not like the idea of eggs being applied on the face but it’s amazing how it leaves the skin fairer and prettier. Smear the combination on the face for 15 minutes and enjoy the lovely fair skin.
  • When we talk about skin fairness tips we can’t let go of radish and tomato juice; both have antioxidants to give the skin a fair and fresh look, simply apply the juice on the face and enjoy the after effects.
  • Oatmeal can be a best scrub for removing dead skin and attaining the best looking fair skin. This skin fairness tip definitely works so it’s best to go for this natural scrub.
It is always a good idea to apply natural products rather than the chemicals that have been mixed in the fairness creams, so the skin fairness tip for all you is to go for natural products.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dress up your Nails

Konad stamping nail art is a lot of fun, it is an imprinting kit that lets you put whatever design you want on your nails in no time and it is really cheap also as compared to nail art salon which will charge you alto of money to do the same. It is also very easy and simple. All you need to do is stamping nail art on yournails from pre-designed images. You can also change the nail art whenever you want; whether you take a week or do it daily it is entirely up to you. Now you can also match your nail art with your outfit when you are going out and you don’t even need to worry about money or making an effort to the salon.
The results from Konad stamping nail art are so delicate and amazing. You can do it anywhere whether at your house or a friend’s. Another plus point is that you can put these designs not only on your nails but also on presents and mobile phones. With Konad stamping nail art kit you can do your nail art in a fraction of time and it will hardly cost you anything. All you need is Konad design disc, special konad stamping polish and the scraper/stamper kit. The kind of results this kit produces are even better than hand painting because they are so intricate.
It can also be a great gift for your girls and you can give them a gift certificate from where they can chose their designs according to their personalities. Hundreds of nails art designs are available on the disc. This kit can also be a great present for girls. The kit is extremely affordable with the kind of services it gives. Nail stamping will be a lot of fun and amazing so get it now and dress up your nails.

Winter Shoes Trend 2012

Winter is a season to enjoy cold and snowy weather. In winter everybody is trying to warm up with different winter season accessories. Shoes are also an important element in your winter enjoyment preparation. Your winter shoes must be stylish and functional to meet the needs of weather and also cater your style statement. Every girl has a desire to look fashionable, stylish and trendy even in cold winter weather too.
To make you more fashionable, gorgeous and chic in cold snowy winter season, we are presenting some of the latest winter shoes trends. Just check them out!
Winter shoes trends are according to your choice, personality and fashion needs. There are hundreds of winter shoes trends available at fashion magazines, periodicals and on websites. All you need is to search these latest winter shoes trends to look stylish, stunning and modern. For a precise and short journey towards winter shoes trends, have a look into this special winter shoes trends article.
Winter shoes trends:
Before going in the details, let me give you some of the hot favorite winter shoes colors. The trendiest and fashionable winter shoes colors are: black, white, stone, metallic, beige, burgundy, dark blue, chocolate, deep violet, khaki and red and bright hues. The material for winter shoes include: ordinary leather, patent and reptile skins, suede and satin. Lace and fur is also used for winter shoes this fall.
The fall winter 2011-2012 has so many exciting and fashionable winter shoes trends.
This season, the shoe designers focus on animal skin to create outstanding winter shoes. Snake skin, crocodile skin and reptile leather skin are used by top class fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, Chloe, Donna Karan,Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino.
Long boots, toe shoes and high heels are in demand this season too. For Pakistani females, StyloBorgan, Metro, EBH, ECS and many other shoe brands are offering high class winter shoes that will definitely add a stylish and charming flair to your winter shoes trends.
Satin winter shoes are also a best winter shoes trends.
These satin winter shoesare not for day to day and casual wear, but for occasions, they are good option. Wedge and platform shoes can be used as winter shoes. Another winter shoes trends include buckles and lacing shoes. Chunky and stylish stockings, legging and chic socks along with stylish winter shoes are also this season winter shoes trends.

Skin Loves Fish Oil

Fish apart from being a great food source which fulfills protein needs and is high in vitamins; it is also a great supplement for skin. Fish contains oils which are high or low in various types of vitamins depending on the type of fish. Omega3 fish oil is one of them which are not only good for health but also great for skin. There are capsules available in the market which contains these oils which can either be taken by mouth or applied on skin.
There are different beauty products which also contain these fish oils depending on the purpose of the product. Fish oil for skin is good for skin firming. Women often notice their skin becoming flabby after a certain age for because of other reasons, this fish oil helps in firming the skin and make it look intact and the best part is that it doesn’t contain any chemicals it is pure organic.
There are also supplements with various nutrients which can help rebuild and re-grow skin. The Omega3 fatty acid found in fish is great for conditioning because they contain moisture in them. Another benefit of fish oil for skin is that it serves as an anti-wrinkle as well. These fish oils if applied on skin delay the process of aging.
There are fish oils that contain EPA which studies have shown can be really helpful in protecting the skin from harsh sunlight. It can also act as a sunscreen. The benefits of these fish oils for skin are endless. These fish oils for skin also regulate cellular function and maintain elasticity. Eating fish can also be very healthy and can serve the purpose, these oils are for specific purpose hence they should be taken to achieve a certain goal.
Fish oils for skin can also be used for other skin related issues such as puffiness, blotching, acne, stable protein in skin and many others. These fish oils are easily available in the market and the store manager can guide you these uses and how to meet your requirements with these fish oils.