Monday, October 31, 2011

Nail Colour Fashion Trends Are Bold

The most exotic nail colour fashion has taken over this era of the nail colour fashion trends. Before this era of nail colour fashion, the brides use to have their nails painted in red or simple French manicure which spells elegance, simplicity and clean appearance. For everyone the wedding nails meant neat and clean manicure or simple red.  Nails were supposed to be long and square cut for the wedding day to give a classic look to the hands of the bride which also gave a refined and sophisticated look.
Like all other trends the nail’s fashion has also taken a bend and has gone towards a different direction. The brides specially in the eastern parts of the world paint their nails red or in bright colours, some of the brides match the colour of the nails with their dress, but in western parts of the world the brides opt for more subtle colours such as beige or a neutral pink so that their nails look neat and less dramatic.
Like every woman has a diverse choice of colours like wise there is diversity in the choice of nail colour the brides opt for their big day. These days’ darker colours are preferred for the wedding; which includes deep purple, cold shades of red and burgundy and shades of bright pink. These hues make a bold statement that can be a perfect complement to the theme of a wedding. The choice of brighter colours is suited for women with shorter fingers because it gives the illusion of more length.
The taboo against the nail colours and the wedding nails is no longer there and you can definitely feel free to try shades you never would have considered for your wedding day. But make sure you experiment a few days before the big day. No matter what colour you decide on, nail experts agree on two things:  nails should be shorter, and hands should be neater.  Women today tend to have a more practical view of nails than they did just a few decades ago.  They need to be able to type, take care of children, and work without having their nails interfere.
Shorter nails are increasingly popular for this reason, and because they look neater and more tidy and tend to be more efficient in day to day life.  Whether you choose orange, dark purple, or beige, the effect is ruined by hang nails or cuticles.  Beginning well before the wedding, take care of your hands and nails to ensure that they look their best on your best day.

Beauty & Style Tips Shoes Advertisement Peep Toe Shoes - Funky, Trendy, Girly

From celeb fashion to daily-wear, open toe shoes are heating up Fall & Spring collections! Also referred to as “peep toes”, they are idolized as the latest shoe trend for every woman.
Peep toe shoes symbolize fun and frolic in every form. Whether you’re an avid fan of flats or heels, open toe shoes can quench your thirst for style. Open toe sandals gained momentum few seasons ago and remained in vogue among women of all ages. This sensation has been diffusing into Pakistani shoe trend as well and being showcased by every local & international brand here.
You Need A Pair of Peep Toe Shoes Because…
  • A pair of chic open toe shoes can make your formal and casual attires simply charismatic.
  • You can wear open toe sandals with any type of bottoms – from skin-fit jeans and capri to cotton trouser and shalwar,
  • They’re evergreen! You can choose comfy and breezy peep toes in summers while having snug and stylish ones for winters.
  • Your personal flavor can be added through an assortment of socks/stockings, if preferred.
Following latest shoe trend, there’s a wide variety of peep toes available. Here are few best-selling open toe shoes .
  • Open Toe Wedges – This type of sandals or slippers are being worn in bold colors and designs. Animal print, leather, and nude colors are the best-buys for you this season.
  • Peep Toe Ankle Boots – The brands in Pakistan taking inspiration from Western style are launching such boots which are not conventional high-heeled sandals or closed boots.
  • Flat Peep Toe Pumps – These are the biggest hit for younger ladies who prefer comfort with style. Suede, texture, print, plain colors, etc. anything you wish for is available in exciting new designs.
Whichever style you choose to complement the vibrant summer prints or somber winter designs, you can be confident that it’ll work magnificently. As for the cost factor, there’s a wide range in the market. This shoe trend is here to stay for another season, so invest into your fashion statement and unleash the stylista in you!

How to Heal Acne Fast and Naturally

Taking skin care on daily basis will help to reduce acne. There are a lot of acne treatments available in markets who claim to get rid of acne problem overnight, but actually you cannot get rid of this problem overnight.
But you can overcome this problem by taking care of your skin on daily basis. Apply these simple acne care tips daily as acne needs daily skin care.
Habits that give you Acne:
  1. Don’t touch your acne pimple again n again, such habit increase acne.
  2. Usage of processed food, soft drinks also increase acne
  3. Washing face more than 4 times increase dryness, such dryness cause acne, avoid to over drying your face.
  4. Low quality makeup has low quality ingredients which cause irritation and increase acne. Always use quality products.
  5. Oily makeup also increase acne
  6. Using other’s accessories like towels; facial pads etc are also harmful for acne skin.
Dietary Habits for Acne Skin Care:
These are very useful natural dietary skin care tips:
  1. Some time acne can be caused due to poor diet habit. Usage of oily and junk food is main cause of acne. Mostly Pakistani meals are based on oils and too much spice which is harmful for acne, to prevent acne skin care try to avoid oily and spicy food.
  2. Drink at least 15 or 16 glass water in 12 hrs for acne care. Keep your body hydrated. Dryness may be more likely to form acnes as dying skin clogs pores.
  3. Acne can also be caused due to constipation. Increase the intake of fiber in your food.
  4. Decrease the intake of Sugar & caffeine in your diet; it also has been linked to acne.
  5. Eat tomatoes as they are rich source of Vitamin A and has excellent healing properties to reduce acne.
  6. Drink Vitamin C juices on daily basis, Grape fruit and lemon are rich sources of vitamin C and best of source to reduce acne naturally.
  7. Reduce your stress. Stress also increases acne and harmful for your skin care. Explore different stress management techniques to eliminate stress.
Acne Skin Care Tips:
  1. Wash your face gently with Luke warm water. Don’t rub your face too vigorously. Acne skin should be handling gently.
  2. Do cleansing with mild cleansers, use soft washcloths to treat acne.
  3. Apply moisturizer which is recommended for oily skin. This will prevent acne face from too much dryness.
  4. Use water base sun block.
  5. Aloe Vera gel is good for acne skin, you may apply it.
  6. Egg white is good for acne skin; apply egg white mix with honey.
Home Based Acne Care Facial:
This is simple but useful acne care facial procedure. Follow these natural & chemical free facial steps.
  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Apply very mild oil free cleanser. Massage 30 sec and clean it with cotton pads.
  3. Take steam for 3mins.
  4. After steam gently exfoliate the face and neck using honey & cucumber Exfoliate.
  5. Rinse off with warm water.
  6. Immediately apply Facial Toner.
  7. After this apply this face pack.
Mix all the below ingredients & apply evenly on the face for 25 to 30 minutes.
  1. Take 5 teaspoons of aloe Vera gel.
  2. Take 2 teaspoons of almond oil.
  3. Take ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  4. Take 4 teaspoons of orange peel powder.
  5. Take 1 teaspoon of ground apricot
Wash it with simple water. This is an excellent skin care for acne skin.

How to apply blush on according to your face cut ?

Beauty has no season. Being a female, you have to have the oh-so-stunning look on you day in and day out. Highlighted cheeks give a pop to your personality and can be an indispensable beauty tip, whatever your face cut is.
Following are a few makeup tips for the gorgeous cheeks that should be followed despite your face cut:
  • Firstly, the basic beauty tip is to use a smooth layer of a foundation base and let it blend in to your skin so that it looks as your original shade.
  • Then, select the color that best suits your cheeks. The blush on tip is to find the color that matches your cheeks when they are flushed after exercise or being out in the cold.   
  • Another essential makeup tip is to confirm the appropriate formula where powder is best for oily skin, liquid or cream is suitable for the dry type. For better outcome, a combo of both can be used.    
  • Get done with the rest of the makeup including the eyes, lips and hair so that you have a clear view of how you look like and be able to determine how much blush on needs to be put on. This is another beauty tip.
  • Then, to locate your cheek bone, smile in the mirror to locate the apple of your face where the blush has to be applied.
  • For the blush on tip, put the blush on the brush and tap off any excess. Then, gently rub it over your apple and smudge it a little to add the blend.
  • After evening out your cheek, repeat the above beauty steps on your other cheek. The makeup tip for the complete look is to review the equality of your cheeks in the end.
Another special beauty tip is to brush a little along your nose, your chin and on the middle of your forehead. This will give you a sun kissed look.
Moving on, as for the blush on tips for the shape of your face, you can do the following once you confirm your cut:
  • Round face
  • You should avoid applying blush directly on the apples, which is typically what a round face has more of. Sweep the product gently down from the lower apple back under the cheek bone to the hairline, softly contouring.  This is one important beauty tip. To add an illusion of length you should also apply a bit of blush to your chin and blend well.
  • Square face
  • Simple makeup tip is to apply the blush on below your eye centre in a circular manner. Plus, for the makeup tip, add some blend to your chin and forehead’s middle. This will help give a soft look of your face edges.
  • Rectangular Face
    Here apply blush on your cheekbones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend well. The beauty tip is to ensure that the blush does not extend lower than the tip of your nose.
  • Oval Face
    For this ideal face cut, the blush on tip is to apply it and blend towards your temples. It will highlight your cheekbones.
  • Triangular Face
    You should apply blush on the sides of your cheekbones. Blend up from your cheekbones to your temple and then extend the blush over your brow a bit. This beauty tip will help you balance the width of your forehead with the rest of your face.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flat Shoes in Summer

This summer is just the right season for everyone to pamper their feet with flat shoes and let them breathe in fresh air.
Flat shoes are the in accessory these days to enhance your summer wardrobe. It makes style and comfort blend in such a way that high heels are no more demanded as one can go for elegant and sophisticated flat shoe at the same time. Flat shoes in Pakistan are being accepted widely in summer since the fashion circuit prevails that way. Everyone should learn the most about the flat shoe trend, starting from who is designing them to what outfit to wear with them.
This summer is just the right season for everyone to pamper their feet with flat shoes and let them breathe in fresh air. Versatile sandals, round toe flat shoes,pointy flat shoes are a few categories. Other trends include flat shoes with multiple straps, gladiator shoes and also khussas and kolapuris if you want to try something ethnic and equally trendy. However, there are plenty of styles and variety available throughout Pakistan in flat shoes that you would be amazed.
There are various styles that depend on the outfit one carries. It does not matter whether you go for elegant and chic flats, a pair of flat sandals can always be a smart investment. Flat shoes come in various embellishments, ranging from multi coloured crystals, metallic straps, silk or satin flowers catch everyone’s attention. There is a high probability that if you are into jewellery and accessories such embellished shoe trends will be highly preferred by you.
Fashion should be made truly functional therefore, comfort of the flat shoes is necessary before making a choice to buy them. Aerosols are a good choice when comfort is your utmost priority. The best thing about the flat shoes is that they look great with whatever you wear them. With a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of whimsical flat shoes looks equally funky.
Flat sandals with unique and outstanding details can change any dull outfit to a more noticeable appearance. Flat shoes in Pakistan are highly popular among them include the khussas and kolaouris worn with churidar pajamas as the flats are available in all sizes and designs. These designs vary from dabka, sequins work, sitara, kat dana, moti work to leather made flats. Thus, such flat shoes can be worn on informal and formal events and not just by women and also by men.
This summer should be made different by adopting a new fashion statement and letting the world know about the flat shoe trends prominent in Pakistan. If hand-made shoes are found to be relatively expensive, custom-made shoes can satisfy everyone’s needs.

Daily Cleansing Enhance your Beauty

Natural beauty lies in a clearer looking skin. Cosmetics and makeup can surely enhance your beauty, but the skin beauty is an ultimate factor which can make you look gorgeous without any makeup. Skin cleansing is not only important for personal hygiene, but is also one of the amazing beauty tips that can simply do wonders for your skin beauty. Skin cleansing is a perfect beauty guide, which removes dirt, grime and grease from the upper layer and underneath the skin. Daily skin cleansing can enhance your beauty in some of the following ways:
  • Rejuvenate your Skin
Daily skin cleansing enhance your skin beauty  by removing layer of dead cells from the skin which gets accumulated over the surface as a result of routine skin rejuvenation process. The beauty tips of proper skin cleansing will prevent the skin pores from getting clogged. 
  • Glowing Complexion
Daily skin cleansing is a natural beauty tip to attain glowing skin complexion. If you really want to enhance your skin beauty, you need to keep your skin healthy with the help of skin cleansing. With these beauty tips you will be able to enjoy a clear, blemish free complexion.
  • Maintain the Hydration
Daily skin cleansing can also enhance your natural beauty by keeping it hydrate. In case of dry skin, daily moisturizing is needed along with skin cleansing for maintaining skin beauty, while in case of oily skin, the skin cleansing beauty guide removes excess oil, secreted from the oil glands.
  • Smooth Makeup
Skin beauty doesn’t only reflect without makeup, but as a matter of fact, your natural skin beauty gives you a reason to look more beautiful even after you apply makeup. Though, makeup covers all the dark sides of skin beauty, but the natural beauty comes out in spotlight due to its smooth texture and sparkling complexion.
  • Reduce the Signs of Aging
Daily cleansing is a perfect beauty guide to enhance your anti-aging skin care regimen. If you really want to prevent your skin beauty from early signs of aging and fine wrinkles, skin cleansing is among the best and easiest beauty tips. With the help of skin cleansing, you cannot only keep your skin clean, but will also enhance your skin beauty by making it healthier and fresh.

Eye Care And Its Significance

How many times have you faced eye infection problems? Have you ever wondered how important is our sight for us? Eye care is a serious concern that is often neglected by people who lack health insurance.
Our vision is one of those wonderful gifts most of us take for granted. The only time we even have caused to think about our vision as such is when we think about a blind person who has no vision at all, or our own vision begins to fail us. Being aware of the importance of protecting your vision can help you to avoid problems with it in the future. 
Eye care is essential to maintaining the health of our eyes. People with eye diseases that greatly affect their vision face many problems. They are physically hampered by impaired vision. They are not able to perform daily activities like driving or working. Some are barely able to see or have lost their vision entirely. They are also faced with emotional stress. People with dramatic eye problems face many issues that can lead to solitude and depression. This strain also affects friends and families.
Pimples around the eye area or on the eyes are simply showing that the eyes are infected with germs and you do not wash and clean your eyes properly. For eye care it is important that you wash your eyes with mildly cold water properly.
Eye problems can also be very costly to individuals. They are not able to enjoy everyday moments or special events. The need for eye wear, eye surgeries, and other needs can greatly affect a person or a family is income. Some people are not even able to work because of their eye problems. There are several steps everyone can take to help prevent eye diseases and the problems related to them. It starts with knowledge of keeping the eye healthy and following good guidelines for maintaining good eye health.
Those who are outside most of the day should use protective sunglasses or eyeglasses to prevent heavy exposure to ultraviolet light. People who smoke or take certain medications should ask their doctor if they are more likely to have eye diseases because of family background. These little measures can help your eyes healthy and keep all the emotional, physical, and financial problems that come with eye problems away.