Sunday, September 11, 2011

Black Nails: In Vogue

Trends of nail color also keep changing along with the other trends of clothing or shoes. Since last few years, black nail color has been in rule. Its increasing fame has eradicated its mysterious and eerie impact. Instead it has become an emblem of boldness and being outrageous. Proper application of nail color is one of the important factors in accessorizing one’s self. Black nail color in particular needs to be applied very carefully. Some easy steps needs to be followed in order to have flawless black painted nails.
First of all, chose a proper place to do your nails. Do not carry out this procedure on your bed or table cloth. As nail color may accidentally fall on the cloth and it’s almost impossible to remove its mark. Make sure you have all the material you will need during this process such as cotton swab, nail polish remover, black nail color, filer, nail cutter and cotton bud as well.
Start from using nail cutter. Cut your nails to medium size. Use nail filler in order to make the edges smooth and also to shape your nails. Once you are done with the shape of your nails, use nail polish remover in order to remove the nail polish in case you have applied one previously. After removing nail polish, use your dominant hand, right or left which ever it is, to apply black nail polish on the other hand. Start with a single stripe in the middle of the nail from inwards to outwards. Paint down the sides with black nail polish afterwards. Repeat the same steps with every nail. When you are done with one hand, either apply black nail polish on your dominant hand with the other one or preferably ask someone else to do so. When you are done with both hands, take a cotton bud, dip it in nail polish remover and remove if there is any extra black nail polish on the sides of your nails. Let your nails dry for 6-8 minutes at least. Here you have pretty hands with a fine and smoothly applied black nail polish.
Some very trivial yet important things to keep in mind while applying nail color are: avoid applying double strokes of black nail polish on your nails as it makes the layer thick and it does not look very fine. Secondly if you want square nails, the curves should not be sharp and pointed. Use your nail filer very carefully, just to make the edges smooth not to spoil the shape. Be very careful about the cuticles; treat them with immense care as they are the most sensitive part of your nail. Use a cuticle pusher to deal with them.

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