Saturday, September 17, 2011

Knowing just the right sunscreen for your skin type

People today have wrong perceptions regarding the protective power of sunscreen and this confidence can prove to be dangerous if the label is not understood at the right time. People tend to burn their skins due to their careless attitude by forgetting to reapply the sunscreen as recommended for instance right after swimming on their exposed parts. Finding just the correct sunscreen is important because they contain ingredients which can cause allergies. 
Knowing the meaning of fancy words can ease the selection of sunscreen for many consumers.
  • Know key points to use sunscreen
The first step is to jot down all the key concerns which one might have regarding the usage of sunscreen. It may include things such as potential allergens which can cause reactions of skin thus resulting in irritations or redness; duration of time till when the sunscreen will remain effective;  and whether the same label is suitable for all the age groups or not. Babies are an exception; therefore, special notice should be taken if mothers are applying sunscreen to their bodies.
  • Read the label of the sunscreen
The next step should be to read the label of the sunscreen lying in your bathroom cabinet and analyze if you are already familiar with any ingredient mentioned on it. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) tells how long it can protect you from the UVB rays. Thus a higher level protects for longer. However, a higher SPF can cause sunburns and premature skin aging too. Zinc oxide and titanium are suitable for sensitive skins as they reflect UV light. If the label states that it protects from UVA and UVB rays, then this combination has chemical blocks. There are questions about its safety because high usage can penetrate in skin augmenting photo carcinogenic properties.

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